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Havnens Perle

February 17, 2019 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Havnens Perle, also known by the name of Pearl Harbor is a legendary fast food place located at the harbor in Aarhus.

Here you can get everything your gravy hart desires, like the danish classic Bøfsandwich, which basically is a normal burger but topped of with brown gravy.

When ever you are in Aarhus, you need to visit Havnens Perle and try some of the danish classics in fast-food like the Bøfsandwich, Hot Dogs ore a Roast Pork sandwich with red cabbage.

There where not the best conditions for taking pictures, since it snowed and was dark outside after sundown - i do not own a flash 🙄

I still managed to get a few shoots of the place from the outside and of course one half eaten Bøfsandwich on the insides.... hmmmmm 😋

All images where taken with my Canon 5d classic and the original Canon 50mm f1.8.

If you ever come by Aarhus, you have to check out Havnens Perle for some delicious traditional danish fast-food.

Havnens Perles website for more informations.

Fast-food restaurant Havnens Perle

Old car on the roof of the building and Tuborg sign

Tuborg signe

Havnens Perle neon sign

Bøfsandwich at Havnens Perle

Reflection in the window

Bøfsandwich and Cocio drink

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