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Random shots and zone system editing

17 February, 2020 - Reading time: 2 minutes

A collection of random shots testing the zone system editing for black and white in Darktable. Still on the lockout for the perfect combination of deep blacks and clear whites without over editing the images.

Moody and dark feeling, the sea was stormy that day and the wind blew pretty strong.Stormy and windy sea whit blown out sky, and a little to dark in the grass areas.

Moody and grey sky, the waves do have a vintage faded look to them.

This day it was actually quite sunny, the sky is however no really clear in the shot.The boys doing there stuff, and the little brother is always only one step behind his older brother watching carefully what he is up to ;-)

Cinematic shot, ore crop. I quite like the dark forest falling into the frame and leading the path in to the light, the cinematic crop suits very well for a 'no good feeling'.

Again a stormy shot, this time from the end of a wooden pier.

Taking a sunbath, her specialty. The fur is a bit to dark, to really see the texture clearly.