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US Car Camp 2018

July 29, 2018 - Reading time: 5 minutes

Went out to shoot some classic american cars from the US Car Camp in Øster Hurup, Denmark. All images where shoot with eather a Canon 5d classic (the first Canon 5D model) with an 50 mm 1.8 lens ore the Fuji x100s.

Read about the US Car Camp in Denmark.

Family cruising in car

Woman sitting in the front of a car

Family cruising in car

Woman smiling and sitting in front of a car

Orange pickup truck

Blue Pontiac

Man and woman driving in car

Close up engin cooler

Dashboard with gear shift

Close up back light

Close up left front wheele

Sticker on the back which says "Today is a good day"

Dices hanging from mirror inside a car

Yellow and crome left side window and door

Look trough driver window and open hood

Dashboard with hawaii flower necklace hanging from reare mirror

Dashboard inside car

Close up of front grill with Chevrolet logo

Close up of a wood stearing wheel

Lane of cars

Closeup of backlight from an Cadillac

Air intake on engine hood with sticker on it saying "Air grabber"

Lane of cars - mainly busses

Close up of a sign saying "Born to be wild" and the american flag Stars and Stripes

Older man with cowboy hat

Man and car

Rockabilly singer on stage

Close up of right frontlights and grill

Back of girls jacket with Embroidery saying "Rebel chicks cruisers"

Girl with tattoo of car on her arm

Close up of car mirror

Three man stading around and speaking

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