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19 December, 2018 - Reading time: 4 minutes

In the start of decmber 2018 a young sei whale swam up the danish fjord Mariager Fjord in North Jutland. Unfortunately the whale died after around 10 days in the fjord. The danish museum for fishing and shipping performed an autopsy and concluded that the sei whale died due to hart conditions. 

The autopsy was open for the public to witness and was a rare opportunity to take part in. A lot of people in all ages went down to Hobro harbor to get a rare glimpse of the sei whale being cut into pieces and examined by the museum staff.

All images where taken with my Canon 5D and the original Canon 50mm F 1.8. All images where edited with Darktable and the Fuji Superia 800 film simulation preset from the T3mujinpack by João Almeida.

Spectators in all ages

Young and old went to see the sei whale

Youg guns fresh out of school

Old men whent to see the whale

Whale meat and the whales mouth in the back

Whale flesh

Whale flesh where the thick fat layer is slearly to see

Deep red flesh

Guts getting moved in big plastic boxes

Museum worker

Rusty hock to move the whale flesh around with

Red guts in plastic box

A peak inside the container where the flesh was moved

Young and old had to see the whaleflesh in the container

Dragging some flesh along the floor

Dumping some whale flesh in the container

Flesh in the container